Business Webinar | Responsible AI with Kelly Lu 

5 August 2021


Responsible AI is far more than a new market fad. In fact, with the rise of AI across all facets of society, ethics is proving to be the new frontier of this technology. Public awareness, press scrutiny, and upcoming regulations are mandating organisations and the data science community to embed ethical principles in AI initiatives.

Questions should be asked about the fitness of the data used to train models, the risk to amplify human bias and discriminations, explainability of predictions and decisions made with machine learning algorithms, and the human oversight in monitoring the fairness and transparency of AI applications. Beyond the greater good and social responsibility, what is at stake is the successful adoption of AI technologies that have otherwise the potential to deliver tremendous value to organisations and society at large.

Join us as SAS and our speaker unpack this important topic, which will include:

    • Ethical considerations cannot be an afterthought of AI initiatives
    • How to address bias, and implement responsible AI principles
    • The business benefits of ensuring good practices are followed
    • Who’s responsibility is it anyway? A look at who is ultimately accountable for ensuring that investments in AI are ethical and sustainable
    • How can leaders ensure good practices are followed within their own organisations

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A huge thanks to our Sponsor, SAS, for making this event possible!