Business Webinar | Africa’s Post-Pandemic Recovery with Nicky Weimar

21 May 2021


The world as we know it has changed fundamentally since Covid-19 took it by storm, just over a year ago.

While we are presently experiencing stable infection numbers and a reduced death count, the threat of a third wave remains a reality and, while it is hard to imagine a Covid-free world, it is important for us to look forward.

Nicky received her Master’s in Economics from the University of Stellenbosch in 1994 and soon advised the government on economic procedures and policies in her capacity as an economist in the Central Economic Advisory Service, since integrated into the President’s Office. She has experience in banking-, securities- and brokering and this exposure has ensured her a broader knowledge of a wide range of fields within economics, including sector analysis, fixed investment trends and the relationship between real economic trends and developments within the financial markets.

At Nedbank, Nicky has focused most of her energies on trends in the overall economy, looking at cycles in the economic growth, inflation and interest rates. She regularly does talks all over South Africa to a variety of audiences like Business Forums, Property Groups, large Corporate firms, Government entities, etc.

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A huge thanks to our Sponsor, Nedbank for making this event possible!